Field of activity: Hybrid plants

ImageNo technology individually can be perfect if you consider its respective costs, security or sustainability.

Focusing on renewable energies, we offer concepts for the creation of hybrid plants which unite the strengths of different technologies resulting in a better product.

Our goal is to create power plants which represents the technical optimum in all assessable characteristics: availability, performance, amenability to planning, cost and environmental friendliness, and sustainability.

ImageOur most versatile product is the Trinity-Concept:
It combines the different aspects of use of wind and solar energy into a single plant.

Equipping these plants with integrated high-performance storage devices based on magnetic dynamic storage (MDS) stabilizes the power network and even enables stand-alone operation in appropriate places

You have the option of embedding innovative energy users in your plant which will result in the Food/Power/Station (FPS) or the EnergyWaterStation.

To enhance applicability, the Trinity-concept is available in three power levels:

  • Large hybrid: multi-Megawatt (Multi-MW)-class up to 3 MW
  • Medium hybrid: 100 kilowatt (kW)-class
  • Small hybrid: 20 kW-class (air-shipping possible)