Energy is the pulse of today’s society.

Energy creates food.
Energy insures health and prolongs our lives.
Energy is mobility and speed.
Energy is luxury and convenience.
Energy guarantees work.
Energy is capital.
Energy is security.
Energy is strength.
Energy is knowledge.
Energy is power.


Within fewer than 4 generations, a small minority of the world’s population in Western Europe and North America has become accustomed to an increasing degree of wealth and luxury unimaginable to our ancestors. More and more people all over our planet are beginning to want their share in it. The use of energy is what makes this living standard possible and so its consumption for basic needs has been increasing every year with no end in sight. But there is a catch: the fossil raw materials used for energy generation are not endless but exhaustible; their extraction to satisfy our ever increasing hunger for energy will become more and more elaborate and expensive.
Today we are living beyond our means at the expense not only of the majority of the world’s population but also of future generations. That’s why it is time for more reason.

We the work for and with the energy of the future. First and foremost this means a more environmentally conscious handling of energy. We are there for you to make it attractive and realizable.

Reasoning, thinking along, rethinking, thinking ahead.

Those 4 steps will lead you to renewable energy sources and to .

But there is one more thing you need to know: we do not work for people who only want to “talk” about change.
We are knowledgeable partners for those who want to go further: who want to solve problems and determinedly take advantage of new opportunities.



Jörg Temme