Field of activity: Consultation and training

Knowledge is power.
Why learn the hard way if you can profit from somebody else’s experiences faster and safer?

Smart – and that’s for sure – is the stupid thing you decided not to do.
(freely adapted and translated into English from Wilhelm Busch)

ImageThe rapidly increasing specialization in the field of renewable technologies is causing a discrepancy in knowledge between different participants in the market which might represent a risk – even more so the larger the respective investment volumes.
We offer you expert training and consultation so you can operate more efficiently in the rapidly changing field of renewable energies.
We offer expertise in the following areas – to be freely selected and composed:

  • Market segment of renewable energies
  • National focus
  • Technical and administrative training

Our offer mainly addresses:

  • Investment companies
  • Banks
  • Political groupings
  • Legal and tax accounting professions

If you are a financial agent, our offer will enable you in particular to better recognize and calculate risks and chances, but also to see potentials of growth and improvement in the market segment and your customer’s portfolio. If you are a representative of a political group, legal or tax accounting profession, you can choose between modules of varying depths to improve your knowledge which will in the future enable you to realize your clients’ interests more effectively and proficiently.